Vegan OK

Vegan OK

Our constant commitment to meet the food needs of our vegan customers has meant that we have modified the recipe for the Tigelle and Focaccia dough where milk was present until recently … now no longer!

We have also eliminated the use of butter or other animal fats also in the sauces with which we season pasta and polenta … And for those who want hamburgers or cutlets, served in dishes with fried potatoes or vegetables and in sandwiches, we have relied on products from the Quorn company. As for protein intake, we use Mycoproteins, a pasta rich in proteins and fibers with low saturated fat content.

In our menu you will find a section dedicated to products suitable for a Vegan diet.

Customer satisfaction is an important goal for us!

Cucina vegan de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore
cucina vegan friendly de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore
Gianluca Bucciarelli