Gluten is not welcome

Gluten is not welcome

For those who follow a gluten-free diet, eating outdoors is often very difficult and we want nobody to feel excluded. For this reason, at Il Ristoro dello Sciatore we have created a Gluten Free menu offer.

We know how important it is for someone with a celiac disease to be able to eat with peace of mind in a restaurant informed about celiac disease, able to offer a service suitable for particular food needs and able to pay close attention to contamination.

We have chosen to buy our gluten-free products from Pan Reale in Modena, an exclusively gluten-free artisan laboratory. Pan Reale products prefer Italian, organic and quality seasonal ingredients. Typical Modena recipes close to our tradition

Pan Reale supplies us with all products in sealed packages suitable for microwave cooking.

In our restaurant you can enjoy first courses, pizza and desserts, accompanied by gluten-free beer. We cook your dishes at the moment, in an oven dedicated to Gluten Free to avoid contamination of gluten coming from other preparations.

For us, the customer with food intolerances and who follows special diets is welcome. It makes us happy to know that he can eat in peace in our restaurant.

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