Vista esterna de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore Il Ristoro Dello Sciatore On the slopes of Passo del Lupo Gelateria de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore Want Ice Cream? Something different. Interno locale de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore Fast and professional service. Our customers are special.

Your restaurant directly on the ski slopes.

Fast and quality service.

From sunrise to sunset, our passion and professionalism at your service.
The Ristoro dello Sciatore is located directly on the Passo del Lupo slopes.

Colazione a Il Ristoro dello Sciatore


Coffee shop

At any time of the day you can enjoy an excellent coffee with a pastry, a tea with a cake.

You can pamper yourself with a hot chocolate (with cream for the sweet tooth) or a bombardino, mulled wine or a punch to warm up during the coldest days.

Le tigelle de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore


Tigelle bread & Sandwiches

Our local tigelle bread is a must.

Still prepared today as from the grandmother Genni’s ancient recipe, revisited and personalized, to be enjoyed at any time in the variants you prefer!
Try also our sandwiches and focacce bread.

Pasta fatta in casa de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore


Non-stop cooking

Modern and traditional dishes, simple and genuine without time constraints and without having to book.

Here you find the union of traditional cuisine combined with the fast service of a fast-food restaurant without sacrificing the quality that has always distinguished us.

Pasticceria de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore


Sweets and ice cream

Biscuits, pies, spoon desserts, garnished cakes and apple strudel which we serve with ice cream and whipped cream. Not to mention the ice cream cups with berries and the ice cream with coffee.
Yes, because we make our very own ice cream, Ivan’s dream came true a few years ago.

Ivan de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore


Elena de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore


For years at your service.

The ambience.

A modern and bright environment awaits you with a large internal room and a large outdoor terrace that allows you to taste the dishes prepared by our kitchen in a splendid panoramic setting with a spectacular view of the Cimone.

Natural ingredients

Quality fast food

Unfortunately, the Fast Food concept is often combined with poor quality products prepared in a short time.

It is not our case.

Quickly supplying a quality product is the basis of our business DNA. Those who have known us for years can testify to this.

Whoever enters our restaurant is cordially welcomed with¬† sympathy. We guarantee express and fast cooking at the highest levels, specially designed for those who don’t want to waste time.

  • Excellent value for money.
  • Non-stop cooking
  • Large indoor room and outdoor terrace
  • Located directly on the slopes
Vegan OK

Our constant commitment to meet the requirements of our vegan customers has meant that we have modified the recipe for the Tigelle bread and Flat bread dough where milk was present until recently ... not any longer!

Gluten is not welcome

For those who follow a gluten-free diet, eating outdoors is often very difficult. We want nobody to feel excluded. For this reason we, at Il Ristoro dello Sciatore, have created a Gluten Free menu offer.


Avoid waiting. With our Take Away, you can order on the website and collect at the time you prefer.

Order online and collect at the time you want!
Schnitzel, fontina cheese and salad leaf. We also recommend pairing the fries and a Cola Cola!
Grilled sausage with salad and mayonnaise.
Delicious Hamburger with stracchino cheese, courgettes and salad.
Tasty sandwich with a delicious beef burger, ketchup, fontina cheese and salad.
Sandwich with grilled sausage and grilled onion. Excellent to combine with a portion of french fries and a coke!
Vegan sandwich with vegan cutlet, salad and tomato
The menu includes: slice of pizza + french fries + sachets of mayonnaise and ketchup + bottle of coca cola
Portion of French Fries. These fries are not suitable for those on a gluten-free diet.
Ivan de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore al lavoro
Ivan de Il Ristoro dello Sciatore in cucina
Gatto delle neve a Il Ristoro dello Sciatore
La vista spettacolare da Il Ristoro dello Sciatore

In a hurry?

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